Younger Onset Dementia Association Inc

Association Publications - please email if you would like a copy.

"Younger Onset Dementia: A Guide for Someone Newly Diagnosed" July 2010

"Younger Onset Dementia: A Guide to Establishing a Service for People with Younger Onset Dementia" July 2010

"Younger Onset Dementia Fact Sheet" July 2010

 "Employment issues for people with a diagnosis of younger onset dementia"  January 2012


"Living With Alzheimer's and other Dementias" by Dr Kylie Ladd and Elizabeth Rand, Australia, 2006

"It's Never Too Late to Change Your Mind" by Dr Michael J Valenzuela, Australia, 2009 


 Reports / Presentations / Articles of Interest / Websites

New website for Posterior cortical atrophy.






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