Younger Onset Dementia Association Inc

Definitions you may need to know!

Dementiaprogressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain, beyond what might be expected from normal ageing - there are more than 60 types of dementia, including Alzheimers and Fronto Temporal.

Younger Onset - onset of dementia symptoms prior to the age of 65 years

Early Onset - the early stage of the disease

Carer - family member (spouse, child, parent etc) or friend who provided unpaid, ongoing care to a person with dementia

Working Carer - someone maintaining paid employment whilst providing care for a person with dementia

Respite - a break from the caring role

Social Support - peer support activity for the person with dementia that may take place out in the wider community

Day Centre - place the person with dementia attends for a period of time during the day to participate in social activities

HACC services - Home and Community care services, provided by organisations that receive State government funding

CACP - Community Aged Care Package - in home support for people living the community with low support needs

EACH - Extended Aged Care at Home - in home support for those living in the community with high support needs

ACAT - Aged care Assessment Team - mulitidisciplinary health team that undertake assessments of support needs

NRCP - National Respite for Carers Program - Federal government funding provided to organisations to provide respite care


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